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We connect people

Hello friends!

Normally we would write an introductory about ourself; who we are and why we started HelloFriends. But HelloFriends is not about us...


It's about enjoying each other offline and meeting new friends. New friends who take the time for you and have an leisurely cup of coffee with you, who walk beautiful trails with you, and in the meantime, don't look at their phone to check the time. New friends who just eat lunch with you at that cosy-looking brasserie at the edge of the woods and share their story with you in the meantime, or offer you a listening ear. A buddy who gives 'old-fashioned' cosiness a new look and who also likes to meet new people and to participate in nice trips or events in the neighbourhood. 


Why Hello Friends?

Meet new friends and get to know each other by having a cup of coffee together, playing cards or going on fun trips. Our volunteers also organise plenty of events in the neighbourhood for everyone (young or old) to take part in!

Are you a civil servant or otherwise connected to your municipality and does your company have a social interest? HelloFriends offers a participation platform for municipal institutions and companies that value CSR and would like to contribute in the areas of neighbourhood development and integration.

Do you want more personal contact than just taking part in an activity once in a while? Maybe our buddy-programme is something for you!

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