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Especially now in times when the Covid-19 virus causes a pandemic and as a result causes worldwide isolation, attention for each other appears to be playing an increasingly important role in our society. Sometimes this isolation can feel a little lonely; HelloFriends lists fun activities in the neighborhood at the front and provides a platform for those looking for true friendship, but at the back is so much more than that!


Are you active in the social domain, do you work for a (semi) governmental organization or does your company have a social interest? HelloFriends offers a participation platform for organizations, municipal institutions and companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany that are committed to CSR and would like to contribute in the areas of neighborhood development and integration.


We work with a core team and volunteers to organize the activities of HelloFriends. Interested in what we do, or would you like more information about what you can do for us as a volunteer? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!


“Would you like more information, and spar with us about the possibilities in which your (municipal) institution or company can support us or become a sponsor? Do not hesitate to contact us and be surprised by new opportunities and worldly perspectives! "

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